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We understand this process can be challenging. Below we have compiled two informational packets, one for PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTORS, and one for HOMEOWNERS acting as their own contractor/doing work themselves.

Instructions for Contractors

Welcome to ePermitting READ ME FIRST
Getting Started with ePermitting
How to Upload Documents to ePermitting
Residential Permit Application Packet (coming soon)
Commercial Permit Application Packet (coming soon)
How to Schedule Inspections
Inspection Info Sheet

Current Oregon Specialty Codes

The following is a list of current Codes and Standards as adopted by the State of Oregon Building Codes Division and being administered by the City of Phoenix as of April 1, 2023

2022 Oregon Structural Specialty Code (Mandatory as of 4/1/23)
2019 Oregon Structural Specialty Code (Effective until 3/31/23)
2021 Oregon Residential Specialty Code
2022 Oregon Mechanical Specialty Code
2021 Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code
2021 Oregon Electrical Specialty Code
2010 Oregon Manufactured Dwelling and Parks Specialty Code
2021 Oregon Energy Efficiency code 
2018 International Existing Building Code
2022 Oregon Fire Code
2017 ICC A117.1 (Accessibility Standard - effective 4/1/23)
2009 ANSI 117.1 (Accessibility Standard)
2021 Oregon Reach Code
2010 Oregon Solar Installation Specialty Code

OREGON ADOPTED STANDARDS (most common and required as of 4/1/23)

2019 ASHRAE 90.1 (Energy Code Standard)
2019 NFPA 13D Fire Suppression for 1 & 2 Family Structures and Manufactured Homes
2019 NFPA 13R Fire Suppression For Residential Occupancies other than those above
2019 NFPA 13   Fire Suppression Systems
2019 NFPA 72   Fire Alarm and Signaling Code

Click here to access all NFPA code online.

Click here to access the ASHREA standards online.

Free access to these code are available online, but require a free registration.