Public Records Request

Are you looking for public records? Oregon Revised Statute 192.005 defines a "public record" as any “information, owned, used, or retained by a state agency or political subdivision that relates to an activity, transaction, or function and is necessary to satisfy the fiscal, legal, administrative or historical policies requirements or needs of the state agency or political subdivision." Every person has the right to inspect any public record of a public body in this state, except as otherwise provided in ORS 192.

For your convenience we have many public records digitized as e-files which are available for you to search, view, and download immediately through the webdrawer.

For records not availale in the webdrawer you may request records by using this link to file a public records request.

Please understand that the documents or records requested may not be immediately available for review and that an appointment to review the documents or records may be necessary.  There may be a cost for the research time and duplication of requested documents.  If there are costs associated the requestor will be notified of the estimated cost prior to retrieving the documents or records.  Prepayment for research time and copies may be required.

A request that is extraordinary and significantly disrupts regular City duties will be charged whether copies are provided or not. The City may not establish a fee greater than $25 unless the requestor is provided with written notification of the estimated amount and the requestor confirms they want the City to proceed. Prepayment shall be required if the amount of the request is greater than $25.