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Water Quality Reporting

Water Quality Reporting

We are pleased to share our annual Consumer Confidence Report, which includes facts about where your water comes from, water quality testing results for the current year, and information explaining what the results mean. This report is provided by Medford Water, along with Charlotte Ann and Elk City Water Districts, and our Partner Cities of Central Point, Eagle Point, Jacksonville, and Phoenix.

Below is a link to Oregon Health Authority's Drinking Water Data Online system.  Here you can access a fair amount of data on public water systems in Oregon. You can find data such as coliform testing, chemical testing, contacts, violations, enforcements, public notices, and basic system information.

Use the Water System Search page to find a water system. You can enter the water system ID number if you know it, or you can search by water system name or location.

Data shown there is "live" data. That means it's as current as the reports we have in our system. This is the same data that Drinking Water Services (DWS) staff see and use. If something is missing, that usually means it has not been reported to us or we have not entered it yet.

Click Here for Water Sample reports for the City of Phoenix.

If you have any questions or comments about this material, please contact us at 541-535-2226 or  Click the link below to learn more about the water we drink and how you can join us in protecting and conserving this valuable resource.