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Effective October 16, 2023, development projects with land use approval must have all land use conditions satisfied before building permits will be accepted. 

Building Permits

The City of Phoenix Building Department is responsible for issuing building, fire (sprinkler and alarm), plumbing, heating/cooling, and electrical permits on all work within its jurisdiction. This also includes reviewing plans and conducting inspections for the work allowed under these permits.  The department is also responsible for enforcing the State of Oregon Building Codes. These codes are the laws that regulate how a building is to be constructed.


Contractors doing work in the City of Phoenix must now obtain residential or commercial electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits online using the State's ePermitting.  

Online:  Oregon ePermitting
In person:  Monday through Friday (8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.)

Appointments for in person application submittal can be requested via email:

(All applications submitted through the Building Department will be entered into the online permitting system)


The issuance of a building permit ensures that appropriate plans have been reviewed and the resulting construction is inspected to satisfy local, State and Federal requirements to safeguard the public health, welfare and safety.  Effective October 16, 2023, development projects with land use approval must have all land use conditions satisfied before building permits will be accepted.  When providing required documents for conditions of approval, the revised plans along with a cover memo must be provided to Planning separate from building plans.  Building plans cannot be used to satisfy conditions of approval. 

Types of Permits and Plan Review

  • Specialty (Trade) Permits – Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits are typically issued online through ePermitting.  In some instances trade permits not requiring plan review can be issued at the Community & Economic Development Department.  For questions about submitting permits in person or to make an appointment for assistance, please email
  • Standard Plan Review - Permits requiring plan review must be submitted online through ePermitting. Most projects for new construction or building additions require submission of detailed plans to be reviewed by staff to verify compliance with codes. For additional information regarding the ePermitting application, refer to the Building Resource page City staff can also work with you to submit your project through ePermitting. They can be reached by phone at 541-535-2050 or by email.
  • Manufactured Dwelling Permits

          You need a building permit to install manufactured home or mobile home.

          There are three different permit types for manufactured dwellings:

    1. Manufactured Dwellings on an Individual Lot
    2. Manufactured Dwellings in Parks

Manufactured homes include modular homes, factory built homes and permanent mobile homes (mobile homes without                     wheels, on a foundation).

How can you learn more?
  • Online – Submit your question online. Questions are usually answered within one business day.
  • Phone – Phone calls are typically returned within one business day. Contact staff at 541-535-2050 
  • Counter assistance – Staff is available to answer questions regarding building, land use (zoning), and public works standards Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. No appointment is required.
  • Meetings - If you are working on a project and have questions, you can schedule a project consultation to meet with key staff prior to submitting your application. Meetings are scheduled in advance. For phased projects and projects with multiple structures on one development site, a project consultation is required prior to submitting an application. If you have questions regarding this service please contact our staff at 541-535-2050 or via email.


Electronic application and plan review improves efficiency and reduces costs.


Drawing File Preparation

Make sure your plans meet the following standards:

  • Each page of drawings/building plans must be uploaded as a single PDF (for example one PDF for each trade).
  • Photos saved as PDFs will not be accepted.
  • Each page of drawings/building plans must be in landscape orientation and the contents must be readable without the pages being rotated.  This does not apply to documents.
  • Files must be unlocked and not be secured.
  • Files cannot contain digital signatures because such signature prevents combining the file with other files or prevents stamping the file. Engineers and architects should send files containing a computer-generated image of seal with a handwritten signature.

The application, calculations, and other non-plan documents required for your permit application must be uploaded as their own PDFs separate from the drawings.

Correction Preparation

After the City of Phoenix has completed its review of your application and/or drawings, you may be asked to submit corrections.  Please follow these guidelines when uploading and naming files, this ensures your submittal is processed efficiently.

Replace corrected plan sheets in the electronic full set of plans and provide a response letter. Individual corrected sheets will not be accepted will cause the resubmittal to be rejected and delay review. 

For all commercial permits, a revision response letter that addresses each review comment in the Comment Memo must be provided.  For all residential permits with plans completed by a design professional, the design professional must provide a revisions response letter.  If you have questions or believe any of the review comments should not apply, please contact the appropriate reviewer directly to discuss the comment.  If the reviewer agrees the comment does not apply, document this in the revision response letter.


Forms for download are available below. Fillable (electronic) applications or scanned printed copies are available below to help complete the online application process.  Please ensure all contact information is accurate and complete before submitting applications. We will contact you after review, generally within 2 business days.

Building Permit Application
Structural Permit Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Electrical Permit Application
Mechanical Permit Application
Manufactured Dwelling Permit Application


To schedule an inspection visit or call 1-888-299-2821. When calling for an inspection, use the IVR Number located on your permit.

Inspection Codes (for IVR scheduling)

Inspection scheduling tools:

Click Here to schedule online using ePermitting
Click Here to download the ePermitting application for your mobile device (Android and iPhone)
Call 1-888-299-2821 - IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Phone Menu System
SelecTXT–scheduling via text messaging text SCHEDULE to 888-299-2821

Click the links below to learn how to use each tool to schedule inspections.

Online Scheduling
iPhone Mobile Phone Scheduling
Android Mobile Phone Scheduling
IVR Scheduling
Text Message Scheduling

Building Permits

Contact the Oregon ePermitting HelpDesk:
Phone: 503-373-7396
Toll-free: 1-800-442-7457