Garage Sale - Yard Sale

Garage Sale / Yard Sale Permit

Garage sales and outdoor sales shall require a permit for each time a sale is held. Applications for permits shall be applied for on a form furnished by the city and accompanied by a fee of one dollar per sale. The garage or outdoor sale permit shall be posted on the premises where the sale is conducted. The permit shall state the name, address, premises and what and who are to be involved in the sales activity.

Annual yard or rummage sales of charitable organizations, any of which occur only on one occasion in a calendar year, shall be exempt from the requirements.

Standards for conduct of garage and outdoor sales shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

A.  Signs for garage sales cannot be larger than four square feet.

B.   Signs must be secured; may include two free-standing, off-premises sandwich-board signs; may not be posted on utility poles and shall be taken down on the last day of the sale.

C.  In no case shall sales activities of any duration or extent preempt use of sidewalks along public streets, encroach on parking lanes or required off-street parking spaces nor impair sight distance in required front yard setback areas.

D.  Operations longer than three days or more frequent than four times a year are considered home occupations or outdoor sales that require a conditional use permit.

Please use the payment portal to make the $1.00 payment for the Garage Sale/ Yard Sale permit.  Once the payment has been completed you will receive a confirmation number that will need to be loaded in the permit.