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Oregon Records Management Solution

Digital Archives

The City of Phoenix is a member of Oregon Records Management Solution (ORMS) which provides access to public records through digital archives.

Frequenty Requested

Some of our frequently requested records have been pre-searched for your convenience. Click one of the buttons below to open a search:

Advanced Searches

If you are looking for records other than those listed above or would like to perform a complex search, you can use one or more of the methods below when using the ORMS search page.

Search MethodDescription
Any WordSearches for any word in the Title or Notes fields
Date CreatedNot Recommended
Document ContentText contained within a content searchable document
Meeting DateSearches for the exact date or date range of a meeting using the following formats:

Exact date: mm/dd/yyyy

Date range: mm/dd/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy
Record NumberNot Recommended
Title (Free Text Part)Not Recommended
Title WordSearches for any word in the Title field

Use the * as a wildcard to broaden your search. For example, Admin* will return variations such as administrator, administrative, administrate.

Searches can be saved simply by bookmarking the search results in your web browser. When you return to that bookmark, it will perform the search and return the search results.