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Emergency Management

Timely information during emergencies is important.  The City of Phoenix routienly works with Jackson County Emergency Managment to alert residents regarding current conditions, expected impacts, and protective actions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe during state, county and local emergencies.

Jackson County uses multiple notification and warning systems to make sure emergency alerts are delivered to the people who need the information. Make sure you are signed up for the systems that require subscription and understand how they are used for emergency communications.  Additionally, there are many interactive mapping tools designed to keep you up to date on wildfires and flooding hazards as well as emergency evacuation routes in case of emergency.

A key step in preparedness is understanding what is likely to occur and what the potential impacts might be. The Rogue Valley has been impacted by natural hazards in the past such as flooding, windstorms, severe winter storms, earthquakes, and smoke from local and regional wildfires.  Overall, the most probable natural hazards that are likely to impact the city are severe weather-related; winter storms, wind storms, flooding and wildfires.

The potentially most devastating natural hazard is the earthquake; both quakes from one of the fault lines in the Southern Oregon and Northern California  area, and the large subduction zone earthquake that will originate off the Oregon Coast.

Disaster Preparedness

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