Community & Economic Development

Urban Reserve PH-5

PH-5 consists of 427 acres and lies north of Phoenix city limits and its UGB, and immediately east of the Interstate 5 freeway. Medford is to the north, and agricultural land exists to the east. Much of the land immediately south and within Phoenix has been developed; there is a new Home Depot superstore, a La-Z-Boy furniture gallery, and a Perterbilt truck center adjacent to the freeway, at the regionally important Fern Valley Interchange.

All of PH-5 is currently planned for Agricultural and zoned EFU by Jackson County. The Resource Lands Review Committee (RLRC) recommended that PH-5 not be recognized as part of the commercial agricultural land base, despite the existence of an operating cattle ranch and equestrian center - Arrowhead Ranch. Compared to all the other surrounding Agricultural lands, PH-5 is comprised of the least capable agricultural soils.

PH-5 Urban Reserve by Existing and Potential Land-Use Type
Gross Acres: 427 Reasonably Developable: 412 Residential Aggregate Resource Open Space/Parks Employment Land
Existing Plan 100%
Proposed Plan 22% 12% 66%