Community & Economic Development

Urban Reserve PH-10

This area contains three parcels totaling 43 acres. it is located on the north side of Fern Valley Road north of the Meadow View Subdivision. PH-10 shares a common property line with PH-5 (Arrowhead Ranch) on the north and is contiguous to Phoenix's UGB along its west and south boundaries. This growth area can accommodate a mix of residential types and densities, as well as commercial uses. Development near the Fern Valley Interchange will be governed (on matters important to traffic) by an Interchange Management Agreement for the soon-to-be reconstructed Fern Valley Interchange. The Agreement will be entered into by the City of Phoenix and ODOT and will exist in addition to the City of Phoenix Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Ordinance.

PH-10 Urban Reserve by Existing and Potential Land-Use Type
Gross Acres: 43 Reasonably Developable: 39 Residential Aggregate Resource Open Space/Parks Employment Land
Existing Plan 100%
Proposed Plan 85% 15%