Community & Economic Development

Urban Reserve PH-1

This 58-acre area, located immediately west of the railroad right-of-way, consists of four parcels once occupied by a lumber mill. This land has very limited road access; access to Highway 99 will require substantial investment. Moreover, this land also has little or no ability to secure a rail crossing to the east that will accommodate industrial traffic. Therefore, the principal means of access to PH-1 will be from the north. As further explanation, the railroad right-of-way extends along the entire eastern one-half mile long border of PH-1. The nearest road to the west is Voorhies Road and the nearest road to the south is Carpenter Hill Road. PH-1 properties are separated from both roads by road-less agricultural lands. The lumber mill formerly had access via a private road (West Glenwood Road) which intersects with Highway 99. West Glenwood Road and the one-lane, unimproved, un-signaled railroad crossing north of the mill property are still used for access to a handful of homes north of the mill property and west of the railroad tracks which nave no other access. Discussions the City has had with railroad representatives indicates that to accommodate industrial traffic, the crossing would need to be upgraded and additional right-of-way acquired at costs of over $1 million. The industrial land cannot absorb such costs without putting this land at a significant economic disadvantage with other industrial lands in the region which are nor similarly constrained.

PH-1 Urban Reserve by Existing and Potential Land-Use Type
Gross Acres: 58 Reasonably Developable: 55 Residential Aggregate Resource Open Space/Parks Employment Land
Existing Plan 100%
Proposed Plan 100%