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Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Permits


Erosion controls are used in natural areas, agricultural settings or urban environments. In urban areas erosion controls are often part of stormwater runoff management programs required by local governments. The controls often involve the creation of a physical barrier, such as vegetation or rock, to absorb some of the energy of the wind or water that is causing the erosion. They also involve building and maintaining storm drains. On construction sites they are often implemented in conjunction with sediment controls such as sediment basins and silt fences.

RVSS issues different types of Stormwater protection permits for projects in the City of Phoenix depending on a project's area of disturbance.  Small Storm Drain Protection Permits are accepted by the City of Phoenix and are free of charge.

Small Storm Drain Protection Permits

This storm drain protection permit is required for any ground disturbing activities of less than one acre within the Phase II boundary.  Projects must comply with the minimum requirements specified below and on the attached diagram to remain consistent with the Phase II permit requirements. RVSS conducts inspections of projects including projects less than 1 acre, for compliance with the above ordinance.  Forms can be submitted to the city upon completion.

Erosion Control Requirements
Small Storm Drain Protection Permit (obtain at City) 0 to 6,999sf Free
Medium Storm Drain Protection Permit (obtain at RVSS) 1.00 to 4.99 Acres $250
1200-C Permit (obtain at RVSS) 5.0+ Acres $2,815 first year, $1,388 annual renewal

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