Highway 99/Bear Creek Greenway Corridor Re-Visioning Project

The Highway 99/Bear Creek Greenway Corridor Re-visioning Project (Hwy99/BCGC) will develop a cohesive vision for future growth and development in the area that was impacted by the Almeda Fire in 2020. The fire destroyed a significant number of structures in its path, including homes and businesses, many of which have yet to be replaced. As the impacted communities continue their rebuilding efforts, this project will provide a guide for where and how to focus their energies in support of community needs and aspirations.

This project is a collaboration between the three jurisdictions most impacted by the fire – the Cities of Talent and Phoenix, and Jackson County. This project is also intended to recognize and complement much of the recovery work already being done in this area.  If you would like more information, please click the website link below to be taken to the project website.

Project Website

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