Moving – Disconnecting Service

Disconnect Service Form

If you are moving from your current service address, you will need to fill out the information below. Fields with an asterisk are required in order to proceed. You will receive an electronic confirmation that your form was received by our Utility Billing Department upon submission. This confirmation is your receipt - please keep a copy for your records.

Did you own the property or lease it?*(Required)
In order not to turn off the water we need to know whether the property owner would like the water kept on when you move out. Please provide property owner name to keep the water on.
This is the account number that is located on your utility bill.
Disconnect Serivce date
What date would you like the service disconnected? We do not offer same day service, provide service on the weekends or holidays, and will not disconnect on a Friday if you sell your home and the new owners have not established service yet. If the date you need is not available for selection, please call the Utility Services Department at (541) 535-1955 ext. 305.
Address you are requesting to disconnect service from.
Forwarding Address*(Required)