Jim Snyder 1

Jim Snyder  - Council Vice President


My wife and I moved to the Rogue Valley from Northern Virginia in mid-2010.  We built our current home in Phoenix and moved in during December 2011 after serving 23 years around the world as a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army, and 18 years as manager as a defense contractor supporting various government agencies as they fulfilled their roles in international arms control.  We continue to enjoy the pace and quality of life here and want to do our part to ensure that Phoenix is a great place to live and raise families.

Our family was fortunate to survive the Almeda Fire and the COVID epidemic.  As such, I remain available, as a resident of the city, to continue helping to shape city policies that will enable Phoenix to finish rebuilding from the fire, like the mythological “Phoenix Rising from the Ashes”, to be a healthier and better place.  I am interested in shaping future city policies that will bring the Charlotte Ann Water District, PH-1, PH-3, PH-5, and PH-10 into the city.  I would also like to support the rebuilding and expansion of businesses that will turn Phoenix into a Rogue Valley destination, while maintaining and improving the local environment for us all.